What is Trespa

Trespa Meteon Uni ColourTrespa Meteon is a rigorously engineered High Pressure Laminate (HPL) that turns wood based fibres and resins into a high impact resistant, dimensionally stable building material with an exceptionally high delamination strength. The panels are cured by Trespa’s unique and innovative in-house Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology to enhance weather resistance and light protecting properties.

The resulting HPL has a homogenous core and is available in four master sheet sizes and thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 13mm.  For more information regarding sizes, finishes and thicknesses available please download our Trespa Panel Information Sheet below.

Consistent and high density throughout, Trespa Meteon holds screws and other mechanical fixings solidly and can also be face routed. The panels have good compressive and tensile strength, excellent pull-out and impact resistance, yet Trespa Meteon is easily workable, colourfast and graffiti proof by nature.

Trespa Meteon is available in a wide range of colours and textures and custom colours can be created for larger projects. It comes in four master sheet sizes and four thicknesses.

Trespa Meteon Benefits

Weather Resistant and Colour Stable

Trespa Meteon is designed for outdoor applications and is extremely weather resistant. Both the UV resistance and colour stability are very high with a 4-5 classification on the International Grey Scale (ISO 105 A02) for most colours.

Trespa’s longevity has been showcased in our latest campaign showing Trespa Meteon samples manufactured in 2011 being compared with those taken from a building constructed in 1988 with very little colour change being noticeable. Ask Décortech today about viewing these samples.

Low Maintenance & Graffiti Proof

The smooth panel surface has a closed non-porous structure, ensuring that practically no dirt accumulates. Trespa Meteon requires only annual cleaning making the through life cost of the panel extremely low when compared with scaffolding and painting costs of alternate cladding solutions.

Trespa Meteon helps to create low maintenance exterior applications. The material is robust and nonreactive, so no coatings or protective covers are required for exposed surfaces or machined edges. Its closed, pore-free surfaces of dense HPL practically eliminate dirt accumulation, keeping Trespa Meteon smooth and easy to clean.

Trespa Meteon is Graffiti Proof as paint can be easily removed with a standard graffiti remover making it ideal to use on schools, hospitals and public buildings.

Tough, solid and sturdy

The modulus of elasticity and high tensile and flexural strength guarantee Trespa Meteon’s high impact resistance making it ideal to use in high use areas. The dimensional stability and workability of Trespa Meteon are comparable to those of hardwood, however, when properly installed, Trespa Meteon resists moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, mould and rot.

Its homogenous, high density core makes Trespa Meteon extremely robust. Under typical conditions, the material stability lasts for many years with negligible performance loss.

Thanks to its unique properties, Trespa Meteon is highly durable, ensuring that façades retain their high aesthetics throughout their life.


Trespa Meteon panels have a manufacturers guarantee of 10 years and a serviceable life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

Building Compliance and Testing

Trespa Meteon has been tested in New Zealand in conjunction with our patented Profix system to:

  • AS/NZS 4284:2008 Testing of Building Facades
  • NZBC E2/VM1 Verification Method
  • And complies with the requirements of B2:LBA Durability Appraisal Report.