Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal

  • Location: Auckland
  • Architect: Isthmus Architects
  • Colour: NW18 Light Mahogany
  • Finish: Satin
  • System: Profix PXF

“We selected Trespa Meteon panels to line the soffit ceiling of the new Ferry Basin Canopies alongside Queens Wharf for several reasons. In the first instance we wanted a product that is weather resistant, low maintenance and robust enough to be installed in a marine environment to withstand salt air and wind driven rain. Our soffit lining finish would be exposed and needed to be colour fast and fade resistant which Trespa Meteon can offer. From the Trespa colour and finish range we selected a timber grain finish providing the soffit with a wood-like appearance but with the longevity and durability of a high-pressure laminate. A key driver was to source a panel product that could be machined, worked, and cut without compromising its material integrity.


Working closely with Mana Whenua artists, full size Trespa panels were arranged across the soffit celling into a loose chevron tile layout. The artists then developed an abstracted sail motif that was ‘CNC’ routed into the panels across the ceiling plan. Using controlled CNC machining, each pattern cutout was routed in a single manner and direction providing the same intricate ‘carved’ texture across the soffit, which also revealed the panel core, providing a dark contrast finish to the wood grain panel surface.


The finished soffit has a crisp, clean appearance, with the wood grain offering a warm feel and ingrained with rich texture and pattern across the floating ceiling plane.”


Paulo Costa

Principal Architect, Isthmus Group

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