Profix PXF

Décortech is excited to launch our latest system, Profix PXF – a value for money solution that combines all the benefits of the Trespa Meteon panel with a simple system that is easy to install.

Profix PXF screw fixed flat panel façade system is a 35mm timber cavity batten system specifically designed for use with Trespa Meteon panels. Profix PXF is a tested, compliant cladding solution that offers a fast and cost-effective installation method for Trespa Meteon panels. Fixed with colour matched screws with a vertical set out, Profix PXF provides a traditional value for money solution that allows for the creation of visual and aesthetic effects when combined with Trespa Meteon. The use of structural timber battens fixed to horizontal framing also provides an economical solution for straightening existing structures.

Profix PXF is ideally suited for multi-level applications up to 10m high. The Trespa panels are configured vertically with a 10mm expressed vertical joint. The full Trespa colour and finish range are available allowing for creative use of panel width and colours to enhance even the simplest design. Profix PXF and Trespa Meteon panel make it easy to create stunning, low-maintenance facades while ensuring simple installations in a timely manner.

Profix PXF is compliant and tested to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4284, NZBC E2/AS1/VM1 and B2 respectively.

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