Colour Range

Colour your imagination

Trespa Meteon architectural panels are available in a wide range of standard colours, effects and finishes. These panels have the ability to transform, enhance or even add new dimensions to any design. Trespa Meteon combines its large choice of colours with a robust and durable panel so today’s vision will remain tomorrow’s reality. In addition to a large number of standard colours, Trespa can also be matched to custom or corporate colours for orders over 200m2.

The collection includes the range of 68 playful Uni-Colours, 13 lustrous Metallic’s, 17 acclaimed Naturals and 27 Wood Decors, 19 abstract Focus and 14 Lumen.  For variety, panels can be oriented in different directions for distinctive visual effects across a façade. For more information on the finish, colour and size options available please download the Trespa Panel Information Sheet below.


Satin, Rock, Gloss, Diffuse, Oblique, Specular and Matt finishes are available throughout the range. Metallics, Uni-Colours, Wood Decors and Naturals are available in a semi-matt Satin finish. The Metallics and Uni-Colours collections are also available in a robust Rock and bright Gloss finish to create stunning façades. Diffuse, Oblique & Specular finishes are available on our Lumen range. The different finishes can be easily combined for distinctive highlights. See the individual pages for finishes available for each colour.


Trespa offers four types of Trespa Meteon decors, varying from a single coloured sideboth sides coloured, a Duocolor where both sides are different colours and a Varitop option with a white backside and a coloured front side.




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