Trespa Weathertight Facade Systems

Created to Inspire, Engineered to Perform, Built to Endure

Our aim at Décortech is to create innovative and inspirational facade solutions, good design starts with inspiration, exceptional vision and provocative thinking. It comes to life with great materials, finishes and compliant systems that have been created for the New Zealand market.

Trespa Meteon is a highly resistant, dimensionally stable building material. Consistent and high density throughout, Trespa Meteon holds bolts, screws, and other mechanical fixings solidly. The panels have good compressive and tensile strength, excellent pull-out, and impact resistance, yet Trespa Meteon is easily workable, colourfast and graffiti proof by nature.

Profix systems have been specifically designed for use with Trespa Meteon panels to provide a weather-tight solution. Profix unique systems offer ventilation, drainage, and concealed fixing for both flat panel and weatherboard facades. The systems deliver intelligent fixing methods that enable almost limitless design possibilities. Designed with differential movement in mind all our systems are fixed one-directional with built-in tolerance to allow for the natural movement that occurs between the framing, aluminium rails and the façade panel

Profix facade systems have been locally developed and tested to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4284, NZBC E2/AS1/VM1 and B2. Furthermore, all our systems have been locally appraised to ensure all elements comply with local durability standards.

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