Profix TSEQ

Décortech has developed the new Profix System for our Trespa panels to meet seismic demands. Our new TSEQ Profix System is a multi-level commercial system has been developed specifically for the New Zealand market. Profix TSEQ has been independently tested to AS/NZS 4284, complies with the relevant clauses of NZBC B1/B2 and E2/VM1 and meets requirements of NZS 1170 proven by testing to AS/NZS 4284. Profix TS-EQ is mounted on a structural rail that has the capability to span between nogs, with the addition of support brackets adding to design flexibility.

The system was tested for a serviceability seismic displacement of +/- 20mm on an inter-story height of 4m or +/- 0.5% of floor height. Under these conditions, the system is designed to move and return to its original condition with its weather ability intact. The ultimate racking test of the Profix TSEQ system was 56mm on a 4m floor. The same system achieved 87mm under further testing with no discernible damage to the panels or system.

Profix TSEQ should be detailed in conjunction with specifically designed seismic solutions for the structure, RAB and windows.

Décortech has taken into account the requirement for a weather-tight cavity façade system with the ability to withstand seismic events. Décortech will work closely with specifiers to design a compliant system and the system will be designed to meet the SLS and ULS of both wind and earthquake requirements.

As with our other Profix systems, TSEQ offers architects design flexibility when combined with our Trespa panel and the extensive range of colours, four different finishes, as well as the impact, UV and graffiti resistance that the Trespa panel provides. Both concealed and exposed fixing options are available.

Talk to Décortech at the building concept stage regarding the best panel layout and yield to achieve your design within budget. Décortech will work and co-ordinate with specifiers to provide efficient nesting of panels within master Trespa sheets and tailor a design to the requirements of your seismic and wind report.

Please contact Decortech for further information or details for Profix TSEQ.

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