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Library Refurbishment for James Cook High School, Manurewa : Abri Architecture John Durkin Architect

The Library building at JCHS was built some 50 years ago and was in need of complete rejuvenation. In looking at a refurbishment project for the Board, we were mindful of the need to provide a solution that not only could stand the test of time from a durability point of view, but also highlight the library as a centrepiece for the school

We needed an exterior cladding robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday school life as well as flexible enough from a design point of view to allow us to bring something to the building that would highlight the school’s multicultural demographic and strong links with New Zealand history and traditions

Trespa Meteon panel, with its wide range of colours, excellent strength and durability as well as a simple well-proven fixing detail system, was a perfect fit for the project.

The new cladding was required to some areas, as well as some replacement of cladding, and a decision was taken to over clad the existing exterior materials to make use of existing materials and save costs in demolition. We used Trespa on a cavity system over the existing facade and installed a RAB board to new areas to continue the cavity theme throughout.

The flexibility of the fixing system allowed us to incorporate diagonal detailing, and to mix the colour palette to create a facade that hints at Polynesian influences at the school when viewed as a whole.

Detailing in the panel gaps and the number and varied angles of the joints used invokes as well references to ships rigging used by Polynesian explorers and the man for whom the school is named, Captain James Cook.

Overall the facade is reminiscent of a tattoo, or weaving, and the use of the vibrant colour palette available has enabled us to set the library apart from the rest of the school. The school hopes it will be a showpiece for them and a centre of learning for the school and the local community.

We are confident that by using Trespa we have ensured that the building will remain a vibrant and colourful addition to the school for many years to come.

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