Focus Range

Trespa Meteon Focus range includes two sets of unique and extraordinary designs Santiago and Brooklyn.

Lumen Range

Trespa Meteon Lumen Range is a creative collection of 13 Decors including 5 Metallics available in 3 unique finishes. Specular, Oblique and Diffuse.

Uni-Colour Range

This playful range is available in over 60 standard colours available in satin, gloss and rock finishes adding creative rhythm, character and depth to any design.

Wood Decor Range

Wood Decor’s offer a wide range of wood grains that emulate the look of natural timber to further enhance your facade. Colours range from light Oaks to the darker Wenge finishes.

Naturals Range

This unique range of organic motifs are available in 11 expressive finishes, from oxidation to natural erosion.

Metallics Range

Lustrous Metallics are available in 14 colours and Satin, Rock and Gloss finishes.  The Metallic finish is directional and even using one colour can create different tones and highlights when used non-directionally.

Recent Projects